Trimaris Winter ArtSci

We are trying something pretty crazy for Trimaris Winter ArtSci this year- instead of a traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner we are doing a twelve hour dayboard with a different cook every hour! Each cook is responsible for a course of three dishes taken directly from a pre-1650 manuscript. Most cooks have submitted their recipes already to me and I am making a recipe book, which will be sold as a fundraiser for the kingdom war fund. So far so good!

The menu is shaping up very nicely:

10am: Mairi Ceilidh, OL- Rolls of Milk & Sugar, fruit, cheese (Libro Novo of Messibugo, Venice 1557)
11am: Lady Philomena Wensley- Custard tart with dried fruit, Brie tart, and Salmon tart with dried fruit (Harleian Manuscripts, England 1429)
12pm: Andrew McAlister- Tagliarini and Cheese dish (Libro de Arte Coquinaria, Italian 1465)
1pm: Michael Raney- Fried spiced pork, Eggplant with yogurt, Rice, Sweet orange dessert drink (Ksemakutuhalam, North India 1605)
2pm: Baroness Arianna Rosa Cristina Veneziano, OP- Rosewater & saffron fritters, Elderflower fritters, Royal Dough tart (Scappi, Italy 1570)
3pm: Rangvaldr Andhrimnisson- Mortadelle sausages, Sauteed cabbage (Ouverture de Cuisine, France 1604)
4pm- 5pm: The hall is closed for decorating 

6pm: Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly, Baroness of An Crosaire, OL- “Douce Ame” chicken cooked in milk with fresh herbs, saffron rice (Forme of Curey, English 1580)
7pm: Signy Ottarsdottir OL- Roasted Pork, Wholegrain bread, Rapes in potage, Pears in Composte (Noble Book of Cookery and Forme of Cury, England 1390)
8pm: Sibeal inghean Mhurchadha- Lentils, meat and chickpea/rice, meatballs and noodles, Apricot sharbat (Scents and Flavors the Banqueter Favors, Syria 13th century)
9pm- 10pm: Madhavi of Jaisamer, OL- Rice pudding, tarts, Syrian crepes with nuts, semolina pudding with musk sugar, candied peels, ragged comfits, syrups of various flavors, hypocras (Various times and places)

This is truly a showcase of this kingdom’s best authenticity-focused cooks. I am honored to present such a menu to the populace.

4 thoughts on “Trimaris Winter ArtSci

  1. Greeting! I am not able to attend but am interested in purchasing a copy of the cookbook! Please let me know if this be accomplished!

    Natal’ia (from the Outlands, and greatly saddened to miss this wonderful event!)

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Sounds incredible. I’m from the Outlands so won’t be there, unfortunately. Can I purchase a cookbook? Or more since it sounds like a perfect gift for my cook friends.

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