Spring Coronation: Menu

Traveler’s Fare-
Pultes Julianae- Barley and smoked sausage stew with root vegetables
Fabaciae Tisanum- Vegetarian vegetable bean stew with herbs
Fresh fruit

Mushroom omelettes with goat cheese- Apicius
Homemade Lucunian sausage- Apicius
Rice pudding squares with almonds and honey- Anthimus
Fresh fruit
Hot tea, coffee and hot homemade chai

Vegetarian vegetable bean stew with herbs
Roast Ham with Figs
Sweet mustard sauce
Spring greens lightly dressed with oil & vinegar
Fresh butter barley rolls
Fresh fruit


Course 1

Broad beans with smoked bacon and cabbage- Grant’s notes on Anthimus
Colocasia- a starchy root similar to potato fried in olive oil with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce- Apicius
Salacaccabia- A hollowed out loaf of bread stuffed with crumbs, garlic, cheese and olive oil- Apicius

Course 2

Roasted Chickens basted with honey and pepper- Anthimus
Whole Roasted Salmon- Poems of Fortunatus
Endives and Leeks in Cream- Anthimus and Poems

Course 3

Sweet and Sour Braised Beef and vegetables – Anthimus
Fenea Caseata- Rich Barley Polenta with Cheese and Cream- Grant’s notes on Anthimus, Food in the Ancient World
Melon and Cucumber with Vinegar and Mint- Apicius, mentioned briefly in Anthimus

Course 4

Fresh cheese drizzled in honey and hazelnuts- Anthimus
Dates stuffed with walnuts- Apicius
Plums and pears in pastry- Anthimus

This will be a lights-out feast. Please bring sufficient candles to light your table. 2-3 candles per person is recommended.

Only water and hot spiced cider will be served with feast. You are encouraged to bring your own beverages. Wine and mead are especially encouraged.

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