St. Val’s 2009: Feasting with Chyqart

This event was the Baronial Investiture of Baron Rurik and Baroness Ceridwen. There were so many equipment failures and personnel disasters I am still surprised we pulled this off as well as we did. This was the first feast in a long time done in this style (a split feast: above the salt and below the salt feasters, basically two feasts happening simultaneously). We had the added challenge of two vegetarians at High Table, so every meat dish in the feast had an alternate vegetarian dish mimicking the original.

The subtlety was amazing. Created by Liepa Jonaskaite from the Outlands, it was a 3 foot tall brass “Tree of Life” with “Apples of Eden” hanging from it. Each apple was molded from a combination of ground meat, currants, cheese and herbs, and covered in edible silver foil.

This feast will be served in the style of a Royal Feast of 14th century France. If you would like to participate in the feast in true 14th century French style, here are some ideas:

Pair up with someone and share a plate and cup

No forks allowed! Use only a sharp knife, a spoon, a napkin, and your fingers!

Bring wine! Non-alcoholic spiced cider and water will be the only drinks served during feast, and non-alcoholic hypocras will be served with Course 4, but all medieval French feasts included wine

Sending “tidbits” to the lower tables was a special sign of favor, and is particularly encouraged. Ask your server for instructions

Bread will not be served on the table during this feast for tables above the salt. The pantlers will bring fine white rolls after each platter is served

Tables below the salt will serve themselves from the sideboard. One person from each table will retrieve the platters from the sideboard and bring the platters to their table. Drinks will be served

Course 4 is known as a “voidee”, and is meant to provide a light sweet snack and spiced wine to “close the stomach” after a meal. The serving of the voidee (Course 4) signals the end of feast. Everyone is welcome to get up and socialize after the serving of the voidee. Only tables above the salt receive the 4th course

A special dessert sideboard will be served during the Masque after feast.

Kitchen & Hall Crew (to the best of my memory):

Vegetarian alternates and subtlety: Liepa Jonaskaite

Plating: Wolfmom

Hall Steward: Baron Thaalibi

Head Server: Lady Caitriona

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