That Damn Mughal Hat- Covid Musing

I am participating in a “Getting Dressed in XX place in XX year” video project for an upcoming event, and so I am back to pondering these hats. I have closely studied three dozen paintings including these hats because I still have not been able to make one I am happy with.

Some things I am sure of:

  • They are creased in the front and rounder in the back.
  • They have no visible attachment to the head.
  • They sit up high on the head, you can always see the woman’s hair and tops of her ears.
  • Often there is a narrow fabric “tail” hanging down from the back of the hat (possibly a clue as to how the hats are constructed).
  • Hats are often covered in striped fabric pulled over the hat- the way the stripes run show the shape of the hat too.
  • Most hats are white and/or gold.
  • Rarely are they ornamented.
  • Ornaments never stick out of the center/top of the hat.
  • Sometimes there are aigrettes (Feathered ornaments) attached to the sides or bottom/center.
  • Sometimes there is an additional veil attached to the back of the hat or a pearl chin-chain.
  • The women’s hair is always parted in the center, without exception.

The things I still don’t know: what they’re made out of and how they keep the damn things on their heads, especially with the veils pinned on the back. This *without fail* drags the hat off my head backwards. Anyway, I am going to have to write this up in an actual paper at some point.

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