Course 1

Jance recipe

20 oz blanched almonds
7 c loosely packed white bread
3 c white wine
4 t vinegar
10 cloves garlic
2 tsp ground ginger
6 c more white wine
3  tsp. salt

Crumble bread, soak with 3 c wine and vinegar; grind almonds, then grind garlic with them. Add spices, mix with bread, force through a strainer, put into a pot with additional wine, bring to a boil and cook over low heat about ten minutes.

Ducks, quail, game hens

Roast all birds in roasting pans at 375 until done.


Fry on griddle, then braise in oven in aluminum roasting pans, tightly covered in foil.

Pear Mustard

Mash canned pears. Cook down with wine until thickened and darkened. Mix with mustard and refrigerate.

Pottage of leeks

Roughly 150 leeks: rinse and slice lengthwise, combine with vegetable broth cubes and a little white wine. Braise until cooked through- several hours.

Course 2

Platter 1

Jacobin Sops/Soupe Jacobine

40 lb chickens

7 lb gruyere

10 loaves of day-old bread

1 ½ gallons beef stock

Herbs- thyme, parsley, sage

Pepper, salt

Roast chickens and shred. Shred cheese. Slice bread into 12 slices each loaf. Toast on trays. Make broth and season with pepper, herbs, and a little red wine vinegar. Thicken slightly with breadcrumbs. Taste for seasoning!

To assemble, sauté chicken to heat. Arrange bread on platters, sprinkle with cheese, spread chicken over top. Keep warm so cheese melts! Ladle boiling broth into bowls and place in the middle of bread and chicken. Sprinkle with chopped herbs.


Chicken quenelles, endored

6 lb ground turkey

6 large eggs

6 c soft bread crumbs


Make 50 meatballs. Chill overnight to firm up. Boil water. Season water with salt and a little oil. Slip meatballs into simmering water. Simmer until cooked through. Do not let water come to full rolling boil, meatballs will break apart. Chill.

25 egg yolks

A sprinkle of saffron

Cream & water

Warm cream and water. Add saffron and let sit to release color. Beat egg yolks and add cream mixture a little at a time until paint consistency achieved. Paint chilled meatballs. Put on paper-lined trays and bake at 325 for 10 minutes until paint is set and meatballs warmed through.

Serve sprinkled over/around ATS Soupe Jacobine

Course 3 Platter 1

Chyvrolee of water buffalo

50 lb meat

4 bottles of red wine

2 gallons beef broth

2 tbl ground ginger each roaster

2 tbl cinnamon each roaster

2 tbl black pepper each roaster

2 tbl whole cloves each roaster

1 tsp mace each roaster

Wine vinegar to taste

Dunk each roast for a few minutes in boiling water.  Split roasts evenly between four roasters. Split all other ingredients between four roasters. Turn on high for one hour, then down to 250 for five hours. Lift roasts out of broth and keep warm.  Skim broth and strain through fine mesh strainer. Boil until reduced, 20 minutes at fast boil at least. Taste for salt and pepper. Chop/shred roasts into large chunks and put back into broth to stay moist and hot.


10 lb cracked wheat

5 gallons of water

1 gallon of milk

A lot of salt

A good sprinkling of saffron

2 sticks of butter

Boil water, milk, 3 tbl salt, and butter. Stir in cracked wheat and whisk out any lumps. Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off heat and cover. Wait 30 minutes, whisk again and taste for salt.

Browned apples

20 lb apples

Butter and oil mixed, about 1 cup total

A cup of honey

Peel and core apples, and slice into thick slices. Fry in butter and oil mixture on flat top until lightly browned. Toss with honey and salt. Put into large bowl and cover.

To serve:  scoop ring of frumenty onto platter. Roast with gravy goes in the middle of the ring, with apples around the outside.

Chard Pie

16 lb ricotta

16 lb chard

64 eggs

16 bunches of green onions

8 lb white cheddar

Oil, salt, pepper

Chop green onions and chard, separating stems and leaves. Saute green onions until well-cooked. Add chard stems and cook until softened. Add chard leaves and cook until wilted and dry. Beat eggs thoroughly. Mix ricotta, chard mixture, eggs, and salt and pepper until well-mixed.

Roll out 16 pie crusts. Divide filling between crusts and sprinkle with ½ cup of white cheddar. Pull crust edges up around filling, pleating the top into an iris. 6 pies to a sheet pan, on parchment paper. Bake at 375 until golden brown. 8 pieces to each pie.


Pastez Nourroys: Meat pies

25 lb ground buffalo

10 onions

5 bunches of parsley

3 cups of currants

Pine nuts- all of them

3 lb farmer’s cheese, crumbled

2 sticks of butter

2 tbl cinnamon

A little honey

Heat butter, cinnamon and honey until melted and combined. Cook ground meat until cooked through and crumbled. Add onions and cook until onions are soft and mixture is almost dry. Dump into large bowl and mix with parley, currants and cheese. Roll out 10 pie crusts. Divide meat mixture between pie crusts. Wrap crust up around filling and pleat top like an iris. Brush tops of pies with cinnamon butter. Bake of 375 until baked golden brown. 8 pieces to each pie.


Browned Vegetables

15 lb carrots

5 lb parsnips

5 lb onions


Salt & pepper

Coarsely chop all, toss well with oil, salt & pepper. Pile thinly in aluminum roasting pans and roast at 400 until well-browned and cooked through. Serve in bowls.

BTS and Princess and Queen ONLY

15 c shorteningPie crusts for all pies

3 tbl salt

1/3 c milk

5 c boiling water

12 lb flour

Combine boiling water, shortening, and milk until shortening is melted and everything is combined. Combine flour and salt. Mix until flour is all incorporated. Cut into 26 pieces. Wrap each piece in wax paper and put in cooler overnight.

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