Michaelmas: Menu

Friday night Traveler’s fare

Rich beef and vegetable soup
Fresh Wheat Bread and Herbed Butter

Saturday breakfast/Prandium

Presented by Baroness Teamhair Gleann da Locha
Scotch Eggs
Fresh-baked fruit and nut breads
Cheese Quiche
Fresh Fruit
Coffee and Teas

Saturday lunch

A Selection of Pyrozhky

Turnovers with a variety of Meat and Vegetable Fillings
Herbed Sour Cream Sauce
Sharp Mustard Sauce
Hearty Lentil Stew with Smoked Ham
Jagiella’s Beer Cheese Soup

Saturday Feast/Coena
Course 1

Thick and rich meat, fruit and vegetable stew
An Assortment of Homemade Pickles
Fresh Vegetables Dressed in Vinegar and Oil
Smoked Eel
Fresh Beet and Horseradish Relish
Sweet fruit and nut-filled Pyrozhky
Freshly baked Pumpernickel Bread and Butter

2nd Course
Tushenaia Kuritsa Pod Sousom iz Chernosliv
Chicken braised in wine with plums and root vegetables
Speltberries steamed with Peas and Herbs
Naleśniki Postne
Blini with poppyseed, honey and walnut filling

3rd Course
Svinina Zapechenaya
Roasted Joints of Pork
Szczupak w Polskim Sosie
Fish with Polish Sauce
Homemade pork sausages with green mustard sauce
Cherry and Apple Compote
Freshly Baked Rye bread

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