St. George’s: Menu

Here is what was actually served, with notes on changes.

Friday night Traveler’s Fare:
Norse Pies from Viandier of Taillevent (shredded beef with fresh cheese, currants, parsley and onions, in a pie with a cinnamon-butter crust)
This ended up being ground beef instead of pot roast and craisins instead of currants, so I called them Saxon Pies. The secret is fresh Saxons!
Cream fritters from Le Menagier

Breakfast Saturday:
An Herbal Dish of Eggs from Menagier de Paris (Eggs with cheese, parsley, spinach, sage, marjoram and a little ginger)
Braised ham
Leftover cream fritters
Oranges and grapes
Tea, chai and coffee

1st Service:
Steamed mussels with white balsamic vinegar, fresh parsley and pepper
This was supposed to be verjuice, but my verjuice never shipped, so I ended up substituting various vinegar mixtures throughout the feast.
Cress and Mint with Vinegar (salad)
Soup of New Peas with smoked bacon
This was supposed to be served with croutons, but there was already officially Too Much Freaking Bread, so we cut the croutons.
Pork Sausages

2nd Service:
Asparagus roasted in Butter
Roast Beef with Green garlic sauce
Manchet rolls
Mushroom tarts with cheese
These were the major fail of the feast for me. The “coffyn paste” refused to set up, probably due to the extreme humidity. We ended up having to send someone to Walmart for frozen pie crusts. 2 dozen individual mushroom tarts went to High Table and everyone else received whole pies with the same filling.

Entremet: a gorgeous painted bread plaque of St. George slaying the Dragon

3rd Service:
Jacobin Sops (hot, open-faced sandwiches of sliced bread, covered with melted cheese, and then doused with shredded chicken and herb gravy. Divine.)
Grilled Pears with Poudre Forte
Cheese Waffles (waffles flavored lightly with white wine and stuffed with Brie)
Taillis (a sliced, steamed bread pudding with dried fruit and nuts)

candied orange peel
candied lemon peel
almond and walnut spiced honey candy
quince paste
Purchased- look for membrillo at the Latin grocer
ragged aniseed comfits
Purchased- look for paan accessories at the Indian grocer
lemon and anise-flavored wafers
Purchased- look for pizzelles

Bouchet- spiced honey-water from Le Menagier
this is actually a small mead in Le Menagier. I made a virgin version by boiling honey with spices and adding water and ice. It was delicious.
Kalamansi Sharbat
Completely not correct for 14th century France, but the original drink was deemed “too weird” and so I punted and bought something I knew people would really enjoy


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