Michaelmas 2009: A Late-Period Russian Feast

Of all of the feasts I’ve done in the past couple of years, this is the one I feel was most technically perfect.

All of the food for the entire weekend came out of the Food and Drink of Medieval Poland by Maria Dembinska and The Domostroi: Rules for Russian Households in the Time of Ivan the Terrible, edited and translated by Carolyn Johnston Pouncy. Thought to be written in the mid-16th century, the Domostroi is not a cookbook but a book of rules and etiquette for every aspect of culture for the Russian social elite landowners.

The subteltie at this feast was a whole roast pig, carried forth on a shield, decorated with herbs and fruits.

To the best of my memory:

Breakfast cook: Baroness Teamhair

Hall Steward: Sir Turold

Head Server: Countess Dulcia

Subtlety and plating design: Lady Anne of Blackthorn

Plating: Lady Ysabeau Durant

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