The City of Joy Feast

artscifeast15This turned out to be my #2 favorite feast of any I have ever cooked, and I think the second best feast in terms of flavor and quality too. Nothing went seriously awry, the electricity stayed on, the ovens actually worked… we didn’t even set off the smoke alarms. There was only one short crunch period and even that went smoothly thanks to a great crew and some crunch-time help.

It takes many people to make an event a success, but people don’t usually see who’s in the kitchen. My first special thank yous go to two people who worked all Friday evening and all day Saturday, had to be forced to go sit for Feast, and then CAME BACK into the kitchen after feast and helped clean the kitchen afterwards, and then CAME BACK AGAIN for the real b*tch of every event- Sunday morning pack out. Luke and Naomi Minner- you are both a credit to Trimaris and I am profoundly thankful for your help. And Naomi Minner you can borrow my garb any time! Special thank yous also and forever to Janet H Sloan and Theresa Baker for helping through thick, thin, cold, wet, and injury. We would have drowned without you both. And my last (but never least!) special thank you to my daughter Elizabeth for being a prep cook, bottle washer, errand runner, envoy, bed-setter-upper, server-wrangler, and smiling face.
Mike Raney- it was your Roman feast that inspired me to revisit this manuscript in another feast, and I could not have done this without you. Thank you.
Christopher Koch- my right hand. I am always so impressed at your ability to be in six places at once and yet always help me get back to center.
Amenhotep Sa Amenemhat- I know that kitchen labor is not your love, and I always especially appreciate that you pitch in wherever and whenever I need you with enthusiasm and such generosity of spirit. And then you party with me afterwards!
Christi Louise Raney- You are such a pleasure to be around, and you light up everything around you with your smile. Thank you for helping!
Qaratai- It was so great to see you, and you always add so much calm efficiency to the kitchen. I do hope to see you more often!
Signy Ottarsdottir- Thank you so much for coming in at crunch time when we were flagging. You made such a difference at a crucial time.
Baroness Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly- Thank you for marshaling the forces Saturday night after feast, and especially thank you for mopping and starting the coffee Sunday morning when this slacker slept through her alarm. Please pass along my thanks to the clean-up crew, too!
To the entire Hall Decorating Team- thank you for taking my seed of an idea and running with it. You provided a gorgeous setting for the feast and the hafla both, and I sincerely appreciate all of your work.
And to THL Zafira- autocrat extraordinaire, who made it all happen. I am amazed at how you balance your love of excess and your pragmatism. I hope you get to sleep for a week after this.