Winter ArtSci 2010: Christian, Jewish and Muslim Spain

About Feast

Feast will be a Tour of High Middle Ages Spain, showcasing the cuisines of both the Christian and Muslims Kingdoms. This will be a formal meal, and you are encouraged to wear your best Spanish and Andalusian/ Maghrebi fashions and bring appropriate feast gear.

“Many of the great figures and their companions order that the separate dishes be placed on each table before the diners, one after another, and by my life, this is more beautiful than putting an uneaten mound all on
the table, and it is more elegant, better-bred, and modern; this has been the practice of the people of al-Andalus and the West…”

“Healthful Cooking”, from Kitab al-Tabikh/ the Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook, 13th century.

Please allow your servers to assist you with the hand-washing before the meal begins. This will be a lights-out feast, please bring sufficient candles and candle-holders to enjoy your meal.

Kitchen crew (to the best of my memory)

Subtlety, Drinks and Conserves: Liepa Jonaskaite of the Outlands

Plating: Wolfmom

Hall Steward: THLady Amalthea von Tungen

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