Persian Feast hosted by the Baronies of Trimaris

Menu: Above the Salt ($10 per person)

Morassa Palav- Decorated Rice with Fruit and Nuts (GF)
Nargisi Kofta- Meat-covered Eggs (GF)
Palak Sambusak- Vegetarian Spinach Pastries
Ash e-Omaj- Vegetable Stew with Pearl Noodles, Eggs and  Dill
Kofta- Meatballs with Buttery Fried Onions
Charcoal-Grilled Lamb Kabob, Chicken Kabob, Beef Heart Kabab
Lavash- Fresh Bread
Mast va Sir- Yogurt and Garlic Sauce
Halwa- Wheat Pudding with Cardamom and Musk Sugar
Exotic Fruits (various melons, mango, figs)
A Selection of Sweet Drink Syrups (Rose, Vetiver, Green Mango, Lime)

Menu: Below the Salt ($6 per person)

Morassa Palav- Decorated Rice with Fruit and Nuts
Roast Chicken (GF)
Ash e-Omaj- Vegetable Stew with Pearl Noodles and Fresh Herbs
Qelyeh-ye Jazar- Beef Stew with Carrots and Spinach (GF)
Lavash- Fresh Bread
Mast va Sir- Yogurt and Garlic Sauce
Halwa- Wheat Halwa with Cardamom
Exotic Fruits

Above the Salt- all dishes except kabab and bread served all at once, one server for two tables to get the food on the table and bring empty dishes back to the kitchen. Pre-make pitchers of sharbat, label with tape. 10 tables of six with 12 at high table. 2 “tables” at high table, can only sit on one side of table.

Below the salt- all dishes served in hotel pans, buffet-style.

The new event site where we are now hosting all kingdom-level events has a couple serious drawbacks. The largest is that instead of one large hall where we can feed 100-150 comfortably, there are two halls that will only seat 75. So we have been experimenting with split feasts- one hall gets fancy service and a nicer menu for more money, and the other hall is relaxed, minimal decoration, and buffet-style service and a smaller ticket price.

But cooking two feasts simultaneously is tough, even when there is significant overlap. I planned a relatively simple menu for both feasts, many dishes that were mostly dump & cook and few that required lots of fussy prep. The kitchen is also very small, so I planned to cook the naan and the kababs over grills outside. Many thanks to Lord Michael Raney who organized the outdoor cooking area and did the majority of the cooking- more than 100 pieces of bread and 25 lb of chicken, lamb, and beef heart kababs.

I had to make some significant changes to the manuscript dishes to make them fit into an SCA feast. I made the rice and the stew vegetarian. Only meat fillings are mentioned for the samosas in the manuscript, so I took common flavors in the cuisine and created a vegetarian samosa filling. There should have been a balance of sweet and sour dishes in the feast but I was afraid to quite go there yet, so I kept the flavors very approachable. There are no sweet puddings or pastries so I added the wheat halwa from the Nimatnama feast. I also added the cilantro-garlic paste to the chicken kababs solely for color!

Feast Recipes