What You will be Eating

On table when people come in:

Roasted chickpeas and candied walnuts
Eggs stuffed with spiced chicken meat and herbs
Fresh fruit

Dishes for the King and Company:
Steamed rice and lentils lightly spiced with cumin, asafetida, ginger and garlic
Sikh Kabob
Ground lamb basted with a sweet & sour marinade of palm sugar and vinegar grilled on skewers
Ganvari Kabob
(A Rustic Dish)
White fish basted in a marinade of lime juice and pepper grilled on skewers
Miniature eggplants and onions sautéed in oil, then braised in a fruity and spicy sauce of pepper, ginger, mustard seed and tamarind
(The King’s Rice)
Fluffy long-grain rice cooked with saffron, almonds, whole peppercorns and clarified butter
Mongol Yakhni
(Stew of the Mongols)
Thick chunks and meatballs of water buffalo in a rich gravy of onions, cardamom, cloves, cumin, fenugreek, asafetida, pepper, ginger, and ghee, dressed at the table with lime juice
Yam Bara
Fritters of mashed purple yam and wheat flour, served with honey
Halvan Puri
Smooth mince of lamb and spinach spiced with onions, cardamom, cloves, turmeric and coriander stuffed in rich yeasted wheat bread
Makha Vani Puri
Sweet and aromatic paste of white lotus seeds, sugar, ghee, rosewater and a light touch of camphor and cloves stuffed into rich yeasted wheat bread
(Cooking Pot of the Garden)
White-flowered gourd and native Indian pumpkin chunks sauteed in ghee with plenty of fresh dill

Fresh salad of thick yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber, garlic, and cilantro
Fresh limes
Coconut vinegar

Crispy wafers of chickpea flour

Mahshur Khir
(Celebrated Rice Pudding)
The most opulent expression of rice pudding cooked with cream, palm sugar, ground pistachios, white poppyseeds, long pepper, ginger, cloves, and cardamom, topped with chunks of fresh mango
Laddu to Satisfy Hunger
Sweet round “cookies” of toasted chickpea flour, shredded coconut, sesame seeds, almonds, palm sugar and ghee, touched with camphor and musk and rosewater, similar to shortbread
Ghazar Halwa
Shredded carrots cooked down to a paste with ghee and sugar, lightly scented with cardamom and rosewater
A selection of fresh, seasonal fruit

9 thoughts on “What You will be Eating

  1. I am very impressed…this sounds wonderful and I really wish I could be there for this feast. I wonder if you would be willing to share your recipes? I do a Middle Eastern feast each February. Each year I try to focus on a different area of that part of the world…and would really like to feature Indian dishes this next year. If you would allow, I’d like to “borrow” a couple of your recipes…I’d give you full credit for them.

  2. This is a great feast for a vegetarian – I would suggest one thing only – tht you have a few hard boiled eggs stuffed with just herbs for the “on table” for vegetarians. Eggs are a perfect protein fo most lacto-ov0 vegetarians and it would be a shame to elimiate them from the menu for them…

    Sadly, I would generally not enjoy this feast to its fullest as I am intolerant of any “hot” spices except those that are horseradish or mustard based – and those in very light doses. In particular, I am a lacto-ovo pesco vegetarian who cannot comfortably eat cumin. Looking over the list, this leaves me with one “on the table,” 3 of the main dishes and the accompaniments. I may also be able to eat the rice – depending on how strong the pepper flavor is. (OK and the desserts).

    However,I feel this is not your problem – but mine. In fact, I have PLENTY of notice about what the fest will be like, and can choose NOT to go, or to bring some additions for myself in order to enjoy the ambiance/experience and not go hungry.

    • I hope you did get a chance to try this feast, as it was perfectly mild, even for me, and I have to not put too much mild salsa on my tortillas! ::grin::

  3. *drools* I signed up EARLY so I am going to get to EAT this feast. Mmmmm, mmmmm…can’t wait. It’s going to be the high point of my event, I think.

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