Winter ArtSci: Menu

Traveler’s fare
A Dish Which Strengthens the Stomach Before Heat
Chicken legs, apples and onions glazed in pomegranate molasses
cheese fritters

Breakfast- presented by Lady Ilyse
Jannaniyya/ The Gardener’s Dish
A vegetarian frittata with seasonal leafy greens and goat cheese
Asida/ Sweet Porridge
A rich porridge of cracked wheat, milk and sugar, dressed with cinnamon and almonds
Fresh seasonal fruit
Coffee, tea and homemade chai

Judge’s luncheon menu forthcoming- presented by Lord Qaratai

Populace Lunch

Hummus Kasa
A cold salad of ground chickpeas mixed with nuts, fresh herbs, green olives and spices
Panada Polls
Chicken, bacon and herb pie
Salsa Verd
A lightly sweet and sour relish of parsley, clove and hazelnuts, similar to modern “pesto”
A light lemon sauce

Served with bread and lightly dressed lettuces and sliced vegetables

1st Course- Christian Catalonia
Tarts of almond milk and rice pudding flavored with saffron and clove
Thickened beef and goat stew sweetened with pomegranate and served over toasted bread
Salsa de Bolets
Fried sweet and sour mushrooms
Savory puree of carrots and cream, topped with sharp cheese and pepper

2nd Course- Jewish Valencia
Jewish Dish of Egglants
Miniature eggplants stuffed with ground lamb, spiced with garlic and thyme, served with a salty herb dipping sauce
Green Tafaya of Fish
Fillets of white fish baked in a green herb sauce on a bed of braised fennel bulb
Leavened flat bread fried in oil
Dates and figs dressed with honey

3rd Course- Muslim Cordoba
Tharida of al-Bunani
A rich vegetarian “stuffing” filled with spinach and feta cheese, served with stuffed eggs and olives
Royal Sanhaji
Tajine or casserole of chunks of seasoned beef, spiced beef meatballs, beef sausages, poultry, favas and seasonal vegetables spiced with cumin and pepper, served over rice

A tasting plate of pastries and exotic conserves will be served as a final course.

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