How to do the food for a Known World Party

The Known World Party at Gulf Wars 21 was a complete success. I can’t compare it against previous years since even though this is my 9th or 10th Gulf Wars I have never eaten anything at a Known World Party in the past. In fact, I don’t even remember seeing food at any previous KWP, even though I’m assured that there’s food there every year.

This is the first year that anyone has attempted period food for the Known World Party. This was HUGE. The theme Countess Larissa chose (1001 Nights) made it extremely easy since those stories were written over a huge span of time and geographic region of the medieval Muslim world. Every medieval Muslim cooking manuscript can be linked to a version or story in 1001 Nights so I had a huge range of dishes to work with. I don’t think there could be an easier theme.

I also had the best crew anyone could possibly dream of.

Ceridwen OCahercommaun
Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly, called Wolfmom
Anne of Blackthorne
Stefanina de Lucca
Ysabeau Durant
Thalassia Hellas
Christoffer Koch
Ari Tyrbrandr
Berric of An Crosaire
Tatiana Heineman
Ian Larsson
Mor & Takashi
Kalika Natani
Angharad ferch Anarawd
… and a bunch of people I never got the names of.

I’ve added two pages: one page for what worked, and a page for what didn’t. I hope to add photos soon!

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