Queen’s luncheon- final menu!

The Queen’s Luncheon Team met at our illustrious Baroness’s home yesterday for a sewing, banner painting and open-fire recipe testing day.

We tested all of the recipes that will be cooked over coals “camp kitchen” style: apple fritters, funnel cakes, pork sausage and beef meatballs. The only touchy part of “primitive” cooking is controlling the temperature. You can’t just “turn up the heat” and have it happen quickly. Oil especially takes a while to come to temperature using charcoal for heat. The funnel cakes were the least forgiving dish, but we will have plenty of other food if the funnel cakes take too long.

Here is the final menu:

Bratwurst (homemade pork sausage)- Sabina Welserin
Balls (beef and herb meatballs roasted on a spit)- Le Menagier
Pickled Tongue, Best Made in January (salted and smoked tongue, thinly sliced)- Sabina Welserin
Cress and Mint in Vinegar (salad)- Le Menagier
Manchet Rolls
Mustard- Le Menagier
Green Garlic Sauce- Le Menagier
Apple Puffs (apple fritters)- Sabina Welserin
Spritzgebackenes (funnel cakes)- Sabina Welserin
Bitter Oranges in Honey (candied orange peel)- Sabina Welserin
Molded marzipan tarts- Sabina Welserin
Possibly sour cherry tarts and some cheeses if I have any extra money.

I’m so excited! We have all of the cooking equipment we need. Now for the master shopping list, the packing lists, and the kitchen plan. And I still need some German garb!

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