Village scene from the 13th century Syrian manuscript "Maqamat (Stories) of al-Hariri"

We are going to try something a little different for the cooking this year by spreading the work around as much as possible.  Each person volunteers to cook, transport, and deliver 100 pieces of one recipe to me Friday at War. This way no one has to try and deal with a huge amount of food. The more people we get to cook, the better this party will be!

Here is the list of savory dishes for the Known World Party:

Sanbusaj- Crissy Brillant (Marcaster)

(Medieval Arab Cookery, p 379 The Description of Familiar Foods)
Samosas stuffed with finely chopped meat spiced with coriander, pepper, caraway, mastic and cinnamon, dried mint, and nuts

Another Sanbusaq- Vestilia (Darkwater)

(Medieval Arab Cookery, p 382 The Description of Familiar Foods)
Samosas filled with minced red meat spiced with pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, fresh parsley and mint, and lemon juice.

Hummus Kasa- Mistress Roslyn McLaren and Household

(Medieval Arab Cookery, p 383 The Description of Familiar Foods)
Mashed chickpeas (not pureed!) mixed with vinegar, oil, tahini, mint, parsley, thyme, chopped green olives, walnuts, and chopped preserved lemons, spiced with black pepper, cinnamon, caraway and coriander. A delicious chunky cold salad.

Sanbusak Hamid (Sour samosas)

(Medieval Arab Cookery, p 386 The Description of Familiar Foods)
Samosas made with minced red meat mixed with fresh parsley, onions, mint, almonds or hazelnuts, saffron, lemon juice or vinegar.

Mujabbana- Giric/Geo (Wyvernwood)

(Anonymous Andalusian p 149)
Eggy pastry dough kneaded with cheese and fennel seeds and baked.

Toledan- Giric/Geo (Wyvernwood)

(Anonymous Andalusian p 150)
Puff pastry dough with cheese in the middle, sprinkled with anise seeds and baked.

Stuffed Eggs-Mistress Roslyn McLaren and Household

(Anonymous Andalusian p 52)
Hard boiled eggs, stuffed with the cooked egg yolks mixed with fresh cilantro, onions, black pepper and coriander.

Pickles! Mistress Maysun al-Rasheeqa and Mistress Aillegan (Meridies), Susan (An Crosaire)

No bawarid (cold appetizer) table was complete without a selection of pickles. Turnips, tiny eggplant, cucumbers, eggs, grapes, gourds, plums, carrots… all spiced differently to make a huge range of savory pickles. If you’re interested in making period pickles, let me know!