Please check out this fantastic recipe from Mistress Ailleagan, Meridies!

A Snack Fit for a Qan – Mongolian Dried Beef

By Mistress Ailleagan nas Seolta, OP

mka Rachel Strange


It is an ongoing process of mine to add to my collection of cookery texts from the Dark Ages and the Medieval era. Often, this requires that I borrow books through inter-library loan, as many of the texts I want are far outside my price range. I was especially happy when a copy of A Soup for the Qan (translated from a text written in 1330) arrived in this manner.

I was particularly excited when I saw this recipe:

This recipe is a culinary recreator’s dream – simple, just a few ingredients (that aren’t that unusual or difficult to obtain if you’re already into medieval cooking), and a straightforward preparation method. Best of all, it includes measurements!

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