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Here is my wish list for the Queen’s luncheon. As I test recipes and get prices for all of the ingredients the menu will get heavily revised… this is a list of all of the dishes I wish I could do.

Out of Sabina Welserin:

Good marzipan (molded marzipan)
Bratwurst (hopefully homemade)
Pickled tongue, best made in January (Actually salted and smoked. I think I can get enough tongues for this)
Genovese tart (spinach & cheese tart)
Spritzgebackenes (funnel cakes!)
Bitter oranges in honey (candied orange peel)
Apple puffs (apple fritters)
Sour cherry tart
Cream Tart
Almond Tart (misleading title- this is actually marzipan beaten with egg whites, spread between wafers brushed with rosewater, and baked. A delicate little pastry, tough to do well.)

From Le Menagier

“Little cream tarts well sugared”
“fruit, claret, small pastries, wafers, pears, shelled nuts”
Cress and sorrel with vinegar (salad!)
Balls (meatballs roasted on a spit)
Honey-nut sweets
Mushroom pastries
Green garlic sauce
Waffles with brie and wine
Hippocras, without fail

This would be a damn good feast! How am I going to narrow this down to a half dozen dishes? In my wildest dreams I’ll be able to set up a nice German camp kitchen like this, a little simpler, with a few women dressed in good LP German working garb. The funnel cakes, apple fritters, sausages and the meatballs could all be made right there as a living history/ high authenticity display. The pickled tongue, cream tarts, candied orange peel, honey nut sweets, sauces, and fruit tarts could be made ahead. Hmmm.