Gulf Wars XXI Known World Party- the Teaser

So, I’m the head cook/food coordinator the Known World Party at Gulf Wars XXI. That’s just a few months! The theme is 1001 Nights, which is brilliant, and this might be the first KWP to ever focus on documented medieval food.

This is one of those themes that is almost too easy to do medieval food for. There are so many translated manuscripts, so many redacted recipes, so much information available. Heck, there’s even an article by Charles Perry in Medieval Arab Cookery on “A Thousand and One Fritters: The Food of the Arabian Nights”!

Think of it. Whole lambs, roasting over spits in the fort, flames leaping merrily, slices piled warm on flatbread with creamy sauces and pickled onions. Huge trays of cheese-stuffed buns, grilled skewers of chicken, samosas filled with nuts and sugar, every kind of sweet pastry you can imagine. Listening to live Arabic music while sipping sweet mulled wine infused with warming spices. Exotic smells, sights, and sounds all around you.

I can’t wait.

There will be many more posts after the planning meeting at Winter ArtSci in January. Stay tuned.

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