Laurel wreath earrings

I recently made a pair of “triple-faux” earrings for part of the new Laurel Bling for Fall Coronation. They mimic mid-16th century Mewari discs worn in stretch piercings. I used fimo clay to mimic a lac filling, and pieces of iridescent beetle wings to mimic green gems. I’ve never done anything complex with fimo before, but it was relatively simple.

Here are the whole wings being trimmed into leaf shapes with tiny embroidery scissors.

Iridescent beetle wing coverings, called elatrices, have been used in art and personal adornment in South Asia since at least the mid 17th century, which is the earliest extant use I have ever seen in India. The beetles these wing cases come from are called Iridescent Buprestids and are found all over Southeast Asia. I do not know if these wings were available or used in art in the mid-16th century,  but I had some, they’re beautiful, and they look very cool.

Here are the finished earrings!

I’m happy with the way they turned out. One more project crossed off the list!

3 thoughts on “Laurel wreath earrings

  1. Funny that YOUR blog is the first response on a Google search for info on using beetlewings with clay! Glad I found this, looking forward to reading more.

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