Vigil Information

My vigil will be held Friday night of Trimaris Fall Coronation, held at 4H Camp Ocala in Altoona, FL, September 2nd.

I hope to be seated by 8pm. The vigil will continue until at least 2 am in order to receive everyone who wants to speak with me.

My goal as always is to promote medieval cooking in the SCA. Towards that goal, we will be having a potluck buffet table of medieval dishes during the vigil, concentrating on sweet dishes and snack foods. You can contribute a dish from any medieval manuscript or source, we are not concentrating on any specific region. If you would like to contribute a period dessert or snack food to the vigil buffet table, please contact THL Thalassia Hellenis.

I’ve been contacted by so many people who want to join me in 16th century Mewar for the elevation ceremony Saturday. I’m so honored! I’m putting together a new page with a “Basic 16th century North Indian” kit for men and women. Look for it soon.

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