I’m going to be a… what?

Turning and seeing my family there behind me...

They used the “Elizabeth is getting called up in Court” ruse again. It continues to work, which is probably why they keep using it. I was in the kitchen gathering all of the serving ware because I was supposed to be plating feast Sunday night and the Court herald came in to tell me that Elizabeth, may daughter, was getting called up and to make sure she was there and so was I. No problem, it’ll be early in Court business and I can get back in the kitchen afterwards.


My husband and younger son had left site, we had run gate all weekend and my husband had to go to work. So Elizabeth and I went to Court and she immediately scampered off to see her friends and I tracked down my older son Alex. I sent Jebe around the other side of Court to keep an eye on Elizabeth so Alex could escort her up and I could take pictures. I was filthy and only wearing half my jewelry from breaking down gate, going to a meeting and a class, and then directly to the kitchen, with my dupatta wrapped around my waist.

Then Baron Rurik came over and grabbed my arm and then said “Come with me”. I resisted for a minute, not wanting to miss taking photos of Elizabeth getting called up, but he was very insistent, and hauled me up to the end of the processing aisle. Then they called up the Order of the Laurel.

I very clearly said “Oh Fuck.” I am beginning to understand this is a common and acceptable response in this situation.

Then I realized I still had my veil wrapped around my waist and executed some kind of split-second ninja move to get it off and wrapped properly, because going before their Majesties with my hair and face uncovered is Not Done.

The rest is kind of a blur. There was a lot of rushing noises, I was shaking like a leaf and seeing little stars. At some point the Queen said something like  “Do you?” and I pulled the veil away from my face and said “YES.” Apparently this was a very emphatic YES because everyone broke out laughing. Then it was all over and I turned around… and my husband Jim and all my kids were there kneeling in the aisle right behind me. There was lots of hugging and being passed around in the Circle… and then they hauled me out of there. I didn’t start crying until I called my Laurel, Mistress Maysun, and talked to my household in Nashville.

After that they started a drinking game around every time someone would come up and congratulate me, because once I started crying I had a hard time stopping. Every time I started crying, everyone would drink, and so would I. Needless to say, no one would let me plate feast (which was probably good, I was pretty tipsy by then) but we ended up sitting for feast instead, which was nice. After feast Jim and James actually did leave to go home, and I stayed for the rest of the event.

My vigil will be Friday evening of Fall Coronation, September 2nd, with the elevation ceremony Saturday morning at Their Majesties Duncan and Larissa’s final court.

It still seems a tiny bit unreal.

2 thoughts on “I’m going to be a… what?

  1. Oh my god I love you! thanks for sharing this – I now feel like I was there, I can see it sooooo clearly :). Julian

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