St. George’s Menu, revised

I’m dropping the trout, which just breaks my heart, but I am barely squeaking by with the budget and I’d like to be able to afford a better cut of meat for the roast beef. Cutting the trout meant completely rethinking the 2nd service and the necessity of splitting it into 2 platters. We are also running very short on squires to serve, so the schtick may be cancelled and the roast beef may be carved in the kitchen instead, which means there’s no need for a 1st platter for people to nosh on while their meat’s being carved at table.

Friday night Traveler’s Fare:
Norse Pies from Viandier of Taillevent (shredded beef with fresh cheese, currants, parsley and onions, in a pie with a cinnamon-butter crust)
Cream fritters from Le Menagier

Breakfast Saturday:
An Herbal Dish of Eggs from Menagier de Paris (Eggs with cheese, parsley, spinach, sage, marjoram and a little ginger)
Braised ham
Fresh bread
Fresh fruit
Tea and coffee

1st Service:
Steamed mussels with verjuice, fresh parsley and pepper
Mushroom tarts with cheese
Olives and Sciaenas
Cress and Mint with Vinegar (salad)
Soup of New Peas with smoked bacon and croutons

2nd Service:
White Leeks (braised leeks in almond milk)
Roast Beef with Green garlic sauce
Manchet rolls


3rd Service:
Jacobin Sops (hot, open-faced sandwiches of sliced bread, covered with melted cheese, and then doused with shredded chicken and herb gravy. Divine.)
Grilled Pears with Fine Spices
Cheese Waffles (waffles flavored lightly with white wine and stuffed with Brie)
Taillis (a sliced, steamed bread pudding with dried fruit and nuts)

candied orange peel
candied lemon peel
quince paste
Jordan almonds
almond and walnut spiced honey candy (made by Wolfmom yum!)
spice comfits

Bouchet- spiced honey-water from Le Menagier
Sweet Tisane- flavored barley-water from Le Menagier
Hypocras- spiced wine

Comments are much appreciated! Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is your mouth watering?

One thought on “St. George’s Menu, revised

  1. At a feast I did in January we roasted whole new york strips. I found them for $2.89 a pound. They were well recieved. My mouth is watering sounfs great.

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