Trout in Pie from Le Menagier

The season begins in May. (Item, their season is from March until September). Trout with two little black veins on the palate are crimson. Trout are cooked in water with a lot of red wine and should be eaten with cameline sauce and should be cooked in chunks about two fingers thick. On meat days in pie they should be covered with broad strips of bacon.

1 lb of trout= 4 fillets= 8 servings
1 lb of bacon= 12 slices= 1.5 recipes
1 recipe of cameline sauce
1 recipe of hot water pastry= 1 pie

Cut each fillet in half. Dip each piece of fish in cameline. Wrap each piece in one slice of bacon. (this needs toothpicks to stay together). Panfry just enough to brown the bacon. Assemble the pie and blind bake until half done. Then add bacon-fish parcels, cover with pastry lid, and bake until everything’s golden.

Unfortunately, this recipe was a complete fail. I hated the clove flavor with the fish, and I adore trout. The bacon was rubbery and not crisp. Jim thought the fish was bland and without flavor. Also, the hot water pastry was wobbley and the sides fell over in the oven. It clearly needs a form but I don’t even know what.

I’m going to try this next with no cameline sauce.

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