Expanded menu: St. George’s

Ha! I’m still recovering from Gulf Wars and may be coming down with the flu so I stayed home today… and realized when I was toodling around on the computer, that I never completed the St. George’s menu. So here goes:

Friday night Traveler’s Fare:

Norse Pies
From Viandier of Taillevent
Take cooked meat chopped very small, pine nut paste, currants, harvest cheese crumbled very small, a bit of sugar and a little salt.
Beef pies (I’ll cook and shred the beef at home) and sub walnuts for the pine nuts (too expensive!) and probably add some cinnamon and ginger and pepper for extra flavor.
Cream fritters from Le Menagier, maybe browned apples

Breakfast Saturday:
An Herbal Dish of Eggs
Menagier de Paris
Omelettes with cheese, parsley, beet leaves, fennel leaf or bulb or both, spinach, sage, marjoram and ginger. I’m probably going to cheat and bake these in the oven like frittatas.

I’ll serve this with some good bread and either pork sausage or braised ham, whichever’s cheaper (Green eggs and ham!). If I have the extra money I’ll add semolina pudding, which is delicious.

I’m not cooking lunch, thank goodness.

Feast menu’s done.

Wish list for the voidee (as much of this as I can afford):
candied orange peel
candied lemon peel
dried figs
quince paste
Jordan almonds
almond and walnut spiced honey candy (made by Wolfmom yum!)
spice comfits

Bouchet- spiced honey-water from Le Menagier
Sweet Tisane- licorice-flavored barley-water from Le Menagier (may try lemon instead)
Hypocras- spiced wine

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