Methi paratha FTW!

I love it when a recipe comes out flawlessly the first time. These are great.

2 cups atta (this is whole wheat flour specifically for paratha and chapati)
1/2 c frozen methi (fenugreek greens) thawed and squeezed dry
1 tsp salt

Mix flour and salt. Add enough water to make a dry-ish dough, mixing with your fingers until it comes together into a ball. Let rest for 30 minutes. Then knead in methi until it’s even distributed. The water in the methi will soften up the dough. Cut into 8 pieces, roll out thin. Place on hot griddle and wait for bubbles to appear. Brush liberally with ghee and flip, then brush the other side with ghee. Cook until well-browned.

The key is brushing liberally with ghee, which keeps these soft even after they’ve cooled. They’re so much better fresh that I’m going to try freezing them rolled out but raw on parchment paper and then cooking them on a griddle on site. I used 1/4 cup of ghee on 8 paratha… that’s a lot of ghee!

100 pieces of bread= 12.5 batches of 8 pieces. I’ll round down to 12.

12 batches= 24 cups of atta= 12 pounds + some for rolling out… I’ll make it 15 pounds of atta. I already have 10 pounds minus test batch, so I’ll only need about another 5 pounds. I might use white flour and mix it into the atta, it’ll make the paratha softer.
12 tsp salt= 1/4 c salt
1/2 bag of methi= 6 bags at $1.5 per bag, not bad
1/4 c ghee per batch= 3 c ghee= 3 1/2 c butter before cooking.

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