Gulf Wars menu take 4

Final luncheon menu
Theme “Fusion cuisines of the East”

From the 15th century Indo-Iranian Nimatnama:
Recipe 44 Rustic Chicken Kabob- spice-rubbed chicken marinated in yogurt and roasted on skewers with onions
Recipe 133 Mithi Puri- flatbread with herbs
Recipe 16 Yam Bara- purple yam fritters
Recipe 250 Khir- rich rice pudding with cream, nuts and spices

From the 16th century Persian Maddato l-hayat:
Nargisi Kofta (Daffodil meatballs)- hard-boiled eggs wrapped in spiced lamb and fried

From the 14th century Yuan Yinshan Zhengyao:
Recipe 81 Quick Manta- steamed lamb dumplings with Szechuan pepper, long pepper, onions, ginger and orange peel
Recipe 89 Mushroom Pao-Tsu- steamed mushroom dumplings with Szechuan pepper, fennel, black pepper, and onions

Fun cocktails

Fresh fruit
cucumber and cilantro yogurt salad
sliced onions in vinegar
sliced limes

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