Post-budget-received menu.
Theme “Fusion cuisines of the East”

From the 15th century Indo-Iranian Nimatnama:
Recipe 295 Spiced chicken rolled in thin whole wheat bread with fresh mint and rose petals
Recipe 142 Spinach bara (fritters)

From the 16th century Persian Maddato l-hayat:
Morassa Polow (Jeweled/Glittering Rice)
Rice pilaf with fruits, nuts, and chicken meatballs
Nargisi Kofta (Daffodil meatballs)
hard-boiled eggs wrapped in spiced lamb and fried

From the 14th century Yuan Yinshan Zhengyao:
Recipe 33 Ishkane- shredded lamb, fresh cheese, and vegetables fried with sesame seed paste and rich meat broth and served in steamed buns
Recipe 81 Quick Manta- steamed lamb dumplings spiced with onions, ginger and orange peel
Recipe 89 Mushroom Pao-Tsu- steamed mushroom dumplings also spiced with onions, ginger and orange peel. The original recipe include sheep (again) but this is an easy veg alternate.

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cucumber and cilantro yogurt salad
sliced onions in vinegar
sliced limes

Nimatnama Recipe 122 Tiny samosas filled with ground nuts and sugar
Nimatnama Recipe 203 Halva with fruit and spices
Plenty of cut up fruit