Don’t you love when a menu just comes together?

1st Service
Steamed mussels with verjuice, fresh parsley and pepper
Mushroom tarts with cheese
Olives and Sciaenas
Cress and Mint with Vinegar (salad)
Soup of New Peas with smoked bacon and croutons

2nd Service, 1st Platter
Trout wrapped in bacon, served in pastry “coffyns”
White Leeks
Smothered rice

2nd Service, 2nd Platter (served immediately after 1st platter, so people have something to
Roast Beef
Green garlic sauce
*Carved at Table*

Entremet- TBD

3rd Service
Grilled pears
Cheese Waffles
Taillis (a sliced, steamed bread pudding with dried fruit and nuts)
Jacobin Sops (hot, open-faced sandwiches of sliced bread, covered with melted cheese, and then doused with shredded chicken and herb gravy. Divine.)


Candied spices
Faux Hypocras