“Feasts” are not just about the food. Each feast should be a moment out of time, an exploration of the cuisine of a culture.

  • All of the food for the entire weekend, not just feast, will be out of the same manuscript, or a few manuscripts connected by culture or era.
  • Drinks which are part of the cuisine will be offered with feast, but coffee and modern drinks will be available with other meals.
  • Fish is an important part of most medieval cuisines and will always be offered at feast.
  • Subtleties, entremets and other “presentations” during feast are another important part of many medieval cuisines and  an excellent way for local artisans to show off their creativity and show honor to the guests. They will always be included.
  • The manner of service will be as close to the proper manner of service for that culture and era as possible, within the culture of the SCA and the relative formality of the event.
  • Trying new foods is part of the experience. All dishes will either be recognizable in form or ingredients. Feasts must be approachable. Our clothes may be medieval, but our palates are modern American for the most part, and the food should all be delicious, cooked well, and served at the proper temperature.

Upcoming Feasts:

St. George’s Faire 2011

The 14th Century Mafia Strikes Again